We love flaring fashion. And for swimwear, there is a whole world of exciting styles not yet explored. So we created LURABLE, a label for striking beach and body wear.

And, after watching legions of superheroes and their fashion choices, you all know there's a lot of fun in edgy print styles alone, so that's where we go for starters.

Now, The classic Scoop-Back One-piece Swimsuit is a great place to start: It comes with simple but beautiful hem-lines, while giving us wide areas to paint and build on its general visual appeal.

Btw, much inspiration for our designs comes from the minimalist beauty of Japanese manga art, which shows how to create stunning elegance with only few well-drawn lines and carefully selected colors. It's a subtle way to create strong impressions while making it seem effortless. Let's make it work that way for you at the pool!

But, not everybody wants to attract the attention of a superhero! So we decided to give you a way to tone it down. That is why we added the option to freely choose the base colors of your product. Every hero comes with their very own colors anyway.

We hope you like it.