Returns & Refunds

Items in Faulty Condition

Naturally, for any item that arrives in faulty condition, i.e. different than advertised (f.e. damaged, degraded, of wrong color, of wrong size, mislabelled or a wrong product altogether), we offer:

  • a free replacement free of charge or, alternatively,
  • a refund including the original shipping fee.

In such an event please simply get in touch with us by emailing to with your order details, including photos documenting the faultiness of the items in question, and your preferred course of action, so we can resolve the matter swiftly.

Items in Good Condition

When items are delivered to you in good condition, i.e. just as advertised,

  • for Standard Variant product items, we grant you a 28-day period (starting at the time of delivery) to withdraw from your purchase contract, without asking for a reason.
  • for individually customized product items, we do not offer a general right to withdraw from your purchase contract. This is because, depending on your customization choices, it may be close to impossible to find a new buyer for those goods.

In order to process a withdrawal from purchase contract we will need the information requested in our Cancellation Form.

Returning Items

Before sending any goods back to us please get in touch (via email to, such that

  • we can know what your shipment is about.
  • we can establish if a return of the item is at all necessary for us in order to resolve the issue for you.
  • we can specify a return address depending on the reasons for your return.

Return Addresses

Our return addresses are within the EU for EU-based orders, and within the USA for USA-based orders.

Return Shipping Fees

For items in Faulty Condition (see above), after establishing our need for the return of an item, we will cover basic return shipping cost to our specified return address (see above).

For items in Good Condition (see above), please understand that we do not offer coverage for your return shipping cost.