Hi swimsuit aficionado!

Do you like my work but need something more unique? Great! I am happy to sit down and craft your very own piece for you, on commission. Just get in touch and we'll discuss what you have in mind, so I can make you an offer ASAP.

What I will ask you:

  • Product: Which (kind of) product would you like a design for?
  • Design: What should your design be like? Describe your desired look as you envision it.
  • Time & Place: At which time and location do you wish to receive your product?

What you can expect:

  • I am happy to craft custom print designs for products in, and in the style you know from, the LURABLE collection.
  • I am happy to explore designing for you on other products and in other styles than those in the LURABLE collection, but please note that our workflow will be less streamlined and more experimental.

Now, for your own unique LURABLE piece designed by Lasse Raus, just get in touch using the contact form below.





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